Saturday, July 4, 2009

And down will go preggo

So I know I said I would post about our out of town weekend next, but this takes precedence, trust me.
So my parents are moving. Their apartment isn't ready, so they are going to move in with us until it does. Yesterday evening, Howard, myself and the kids ran into Walmart to get drinks, bottled water, a watermelon, things to keep everyone cool during the move. As we were packing up the car my mom calls and asks if one of us can run in and grab her and my dad's prescriptions. Sure.
So, I go back in and as soon as I step on the rug in front of their mini floral department, I see the rug is bent up. I go to step off of it so I don't fall and don't realize there is water coming out from underneath the rug. So what happens?
I go stumbling forward, the rug coming with me. Because I don't exactly have a good balance of gravity seeing how big my belly is, I start to fall. I placed my left hand over my belly and go down on my right knee and right hand. I feel a sharp pain through my knee and roll to my butt.
**Small Backstory: Right knee was blown out in High School when I was dancing. I blew out my knee cap, ripped ligaments and caused myself to have this condition (I cannot for the life of me remember the name) where my knee caps have shifted to the sliding knee caps) End Backstory**
So, needless to say I had a searing pain in my knee, and my neck hurt from the jolt. Parker started moving, so I knew he was ok. I never landed on my abdomen or back, so I knew that he was just sloshed around a bit.
It just so happened that the Assistant Manager of Walmart watched this happen, she was literally a few feet in front of me. Her, and an off duty EMT came over to help me. The EMT asked me if she could do a quick assesment on me, and I agreed. She took my pulse and told me I definitely don't have heart problems because my heart was beating so hard lol. She felt around my neck, shoulders and back and said I'm going to have a bit of whip lash. She felt my chest and abdomen and saw no signs of labor and felt the baby move herself.
By now I had a million Walmart employees standing over me and I was crying and laughing out of embarassment. I said that my husband, mother in law and kids were in the car waiting for me. One asked what we were driving and I gave him a description and I said that he was just rounding the corner (I could see him from the door). The employee says, 'I'll get him!' and took off at a sprint out of the store. They wanted to call 911, but I was so disoriented at the time, I couldn't think. Seconds later Howard came stalking through the door looking mighty upset. I told him what happened, and he immediately told them to call 911, so they did.
Tons of EMT's and Firemen came in and checked me and confirmed what the off duty EMT said. After tons of time, and tons of ER workers later I did have some ripped ligaments and a bit of whip lash.
Oh and Howard called my mom. She flipped and immediately came in and cried. She felt guilty, bless her heart. On the way to get the kids, my mother in law decided to give me a guilt trip on how scared the kids were and how scared she was, and I lost it a bit. Telling her to stop, please stop...while crying. That was NOT pretty. I'll have a giant scare with a large side of GUILT please!

So now I am a one woman circus act. With my huge preggo belly and on crutches.


Loraaf said...

Honey, I don't even have words. I am so glad that I didn't see it cause it would have scared the crap outta me...for you. I am so so very glad that you and Parker are okay. Shame on your MIL for giving you a guilt trip about falling!!! It wasn't your fault that you fell! Love ya! Rub Parker for me!

H said...

I am so glad you and the baby are ok. Also, I like the name Parker.