Friday, September 25, 2009

Ready for a birth story?

On Wednesday, the 23rd I didn't do jack crap. Seriously. Kenzie had a half day of school, Maddie and I slept in until 10:30. I spent the majority of the day on craigslist selling stuff. I hardly got up at all, but when I did it was only to use the bathroom and to make food for me and the kids.
About 2ish I had a contraction. Which was weird because I hadn't been on my feet and I had drank 2 and a half liters of water-so I was nice and hydrated. Then about 8 minutes later I had another one. And these were not painful in my abdomen at all. I felt pressure like I needed to go to the bathroom and lots of pressure in my back. I continued with 3 more contractions about 8-10 minutes apart while on the phone with Howard. He told me to call my mom and put her on standby considering he was still at work. So I called my mom and she did the typical mom thing, told me to call my doctor. I did, and about now it was 3:20ish and they asked me to come on into the office since they were still open. Okie Dokie.
So my mom and I headed to the doctor and now I remember why I always drive wherever we go together. She drives like an old lady (sorry mom, you do). Anyway, we got there and I was still contracting every 7-8 minutes. My doc checked my urine for protein and there was nothing, which made me feel a lot better. Then they checked my cervix and it was completely closed. But I was having real contractions. On another note, when he checked me, he asked me to lay on my left side afterward and my back popped so many times I almost passed out. It felt WONDERFUL!!!! He decided that he was too concerned if he let me go home that my water could break and that could come with some very serious repercussions. So he wanted to admit me.
My mom and I went downstairs and registered at the hospital. I walked because it felt wonderful compared to sitting (which EVERYONE objected to). By the time I was done with registration and walking up to Labor and Delivery (which took 12 minutes tops) I was sweating profusely. Now, I am not a sweater...ever. My shirt was soaked and it looked like I had rain coming out of my hair line onto my face. I was lovely.
Got up to Labor and Delivery and met some of the most awesomest nurses EVER! Jena, Tanya, Aubrey...they were my comic relief! I got in my room by 5 and between the hours of 5pm and 3am things went like this. Every hour Tanya'd come in give me more morphine or magnesium and try to stop the contractions that were getting closer and closer. I had a cathader put in so I wouldn't walk, they were afraid to check me because I wasn't dialiating but my bag of water was buldging. Tanya was freezing her butt off because we had the A/C cranked down so low (magnesium makes you SUPER HOT!). I was in so much pain by 3 Tanya just had to check me, and when she did, she flipped...I was dialiating. They don't want me to. Then literally they did everything they could to keep me comfortable to wait on Dr. H so he could do the surgery. Howard and I fell asleep at 4, him sitting up at my bedside. I would fall asleep and have a contraction and squeeze his hand. He'd wake up, rub my arm, my head, kiss my hand then we'd both pass out again. We did this every 3-7 minutes for 2 hours.
By 6am I was being prepped. Before I knew it I was being wheeled into surgery by Jena and Jill, the super nurse. Jill is the amazing individual who helped us get through saying goodbye to Morgan. It was comforting to have her there. They had a hard time with the spinal as always and told me that they were one try away from putting me under. I had a panic attack and Jill assured me that she would stand at the door and tell Howard a play by play if this happens and she would not leave us. I was so scared but as the first tear fell, my feet fell asleep. They got the spinal in and down I went.
The entire surgery is a blur. I remember seeing Howard, the ceiling, Howard and the ceiling again. Every time I snapped into somewhat attention I told Howard I loved him. I kept drifting in and out. Dr. H told me that I had very little scar tissue then I passed out. Then I threw up. Then I passed out again. Howard kept squeezing my hand every time I'd pass out to make sure I was still responding. I was wayyyy out of it. Finally I heard, 'here's his head' then I heard the sweetest squeakiest cry. And I was out again. I woke up to Howard telling me 8:02. I thought that was Parker's weight at first, but no it was the time of birth. Then saw a nurse holding the cutest Kenzie look alike ever. I cried then I was out again. Felt squeezing in my hand and a ton of commotion and Howard was laughing. I asked him what was up and he said, 'He's 9 pounds 15 ounces'. The commotion was caused by my Dr. H reinacting the exorcist when he heard the weight screaming, 'WHAT?!?!' as his head jerked around. Out again. Squeeze of my hand a Jill telling me they were taking Parker to the nursery to look him over. Out again. Then I heard Dr. H say, 'Kristin, Ovaries, Uterus and all look very healthy no signs of PCOS. We're starting to close up.' And I was out again. Next thing I knew my doctor was looking into my eyes telling me he was done and Parker was beautiful. Then I started shaking and couldn't stop. But I wasn't passing out anymore. I did that for a solid 45 minutes after surgery.
We didn't hear about Parker for a long time. They wouldn't let Howard go up there, my nurses kept calling about him and we heard NOTHING. Finally a doctor came down and basically just threw it at us that he's breathing but not omitting the right amount of CO2 and he needs to be placed on a ventilator and given a medicine straight to the lungs to straighten the problem out. He needs an umbilical cord IV and their nursery cannot do either of those things and he has to be sent to Dell Children's Hospital and they're already on the way to get him. I lost it. Completely lost it. Jena, my nurse came in the room in the middle of this and of course flipped out at the NICU doc. Saying she should of given us a warning, the nurses a warning and basically called her out on the audacity of keeping the family in the dark and then coming in here and shattering a woman that has just been through major surgery. I was a complete mess. I couldn't even think. Doc left, Jena stayed and continue to calm me down and helped us find out wits, our voice and figure this situation out.
We were able to call the doctor out on her terrible bedside manner with Super Nurse Jena in tow (she had some words of professional courtesy protocol that was overruled as well). And then we were able to ask questions, figure out what was going on and then the Dell transport team brought Parker down to see me before they left. They were so amazing and attentive. They answered all of our questions plus ones we didn't know we had.
I hated that he had to leave me, but I understood. It was a long morning.

The outcome was a beautiful baby boy that looks so much like his sister's it's scary.
Parker Philip
Born: September 24, 2009 at 8:02am
9 pounds 15 ounces and 20 3/4 inches long

Thursday, September 17, 2009

33 and 34 weeks

**Ok, so I started this entry off with what happened at last week's appointment...So taking you back to last Thursday-
Well, we made it to 33 weeks!
I was running late all day with family crap that had nothing to do with me. But I did eventually pull it together to get to the doctor on time.
They called us back for an ultrasound within a few minutes.

Random mental picture to make you smile: My 2 year old is running around wearing a too small purple fish shirt, too big gray sweat pants, Elmo slippers and a tutu...on her head.

The wonderful Judy who was doing my ultrasound found Parker head down, which is great news! She started measuring him and his organs and according to all the measurements he is 41 weeks and 2 days. And she is assuming that he is about 8 pounds. And I'm 33 weeks...eek! She got great shots of his organs and pointed everything out for us. Then we saw him randomly arching his back then relaxing. Of course, my head popped off the table out of concern. She laughed at me (normal occurrence, trust me) and said he was just practicing breathing, which is a great sign of good health. She said it is rare to catch it on an ultrasound so she'll make sure to let Dr. H know. She measured the fluid and said he does have some excess that is more then likely caused by the gestational diabetes. Although my sugars haven't been terrible, they haven't been perfect either. So that's a concern.
I get back to the doctor with Howard and I gained 3 pounds. I have some swelling in my feet and hands but BP is good. Dr. H measures my belly and I'm measuring at 43 weeks. He started me on some diabetes medicine to help with the extra fluid. He wants me to start having non stress tests to check Parker's heart beat and make sure he's not under stress and have a weekly ultrasound until I deliver.

Now onto today's visit...
I went to today's alone. I know that is a huge no no, considering I shouldn't be driving but my mom was too sick to take me and Howard had to be at work. I got there early (GO ME) but Nurse J (Dr. H's fantabulous nurse) ushered me back to the NST room.
I spent a lot of time in this room with the twins. It has 2 comfortable recliners, soft lighting, dark wood furniture and black and white photos of pregnant women and newborn babies. Nurse J hooks me up to the monitors and leaves me be. I lay in there for about 10 minutes when I realize I can't reach my purse without moving and I want Howard to hear Parker's heart beat. So I reach down and grab it and call him. While I was on the phone the monitor all the sudden goes nuts and starts beeping, although his heart beat has been fine and hasn't faltered at all, no matter how hard he kicks it lol. My doctor comes walking in and fixes the beeping, machine error. So I have to end up being on the NST monitors for 30 minutes. Came out with a great result, his heart was beating loud and strong and my doc saw no signs of distress or cause for worry.
The ultrasound went well. Checking his organs, size, fluid, all that jazz. She caught him practicing breathing again. She said that basically they are checking to make sure that all of his organs are good and checking his wellbeing for delivery. He passed with 10/10, so that made me feel a lot better. Still have excess fluid but about the same as last time. She got a good shot of the profile, and he looks just like his daddy.
Then it was time for the regular appointment and I lost 4 pounds. BP was good, but they Nurse J and Dr. H noticed my legs were a little swollen. My hands are good though. He measured my belly and raised his eyebrows. I'm up to measuring at 47 weeks. Still no cervical check (which in a way I am grateful for, it hurts) but that is soon to come. He said if I start having any intense contractions or I even think I may be leaking fluid I need to come in immediately. My uterus is literally going to pop like a waterballoon when that time comes. I swear, with the excess fluid it's going to be like Parker's very own slip-n-slide.

Next appointment-Thursday September 24th with another NST, ultrasound and OB Check.

Any guesses how long Mr. Parker is going to stay in there?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I need to update on my doctor's appointment, I know but I have to get this off my chest.

My sister is throwing me a baby shower this Sunday. I am very excited because it is my first baby shower. I'm not the one hosting it of course, so I don't know who all is going to make it and who's not but I am thinking that there is a lot more no shows then attendees coming. That kinda bums me out. The only people I know for sure are coming is my cousin's (3), aunt, sister, mom, Danielle, mother in law...that's it.

Now the 'shower' I was throwing at my house is actually a friend's luncheon type thing. A lot of my high school friends have not been to my home since I moved away in 2005. We're having lunch and all that good stuff. My oldest friend, Danielle can't make it to that one (but she's coming to my sister's) because she's moving into her brand new house, so it is TOTALLY understandable. Not bummed at all about that, too excited for her. BUT, no one. NO ONE else has RSVPed. Not a single person. So right now we have myself, Howard and my mom.

I am extremely bummed by this. I have decided that I am going to email all of them, in a group email on Monday if I have not heard anything from them by then. Doesn't stop me from pouting about it though. I hope my suspicions are wrong, on both accounts.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

9 is not my lucky number

On Labor Day I had some MAJOR contractions while in walmart. Now, no stone throwing. I'm still on moderate bed rest. Which means not being on my feet for more then 20-30 minutes. And I wasn't...but I still contracted. The pressure I felt in the worst possible area, o-m-g. I had promised Howard that if I had more then 4 real contractions within an hour that I would call my doc. I didn't get past 4. But then I had a ton of Braxton Hicks afterward but they didn't hurt at all.
Tuesday I felt awesome. Seriously. I was in very little pain and Parker was nice and high so I didn't have much pressure. I felt great!
This morning I woke up and I felt ok. Parker had lowered a bit so the pressure was back, but not as bad as it normally is.
Oh hey...random piece of's raining! (a rare commodity these days).
Anyway, Kenzie went to turn on the usual lamp in the living room and it didn't come on. Which would normally would not be an issue but since we had just put an energy saver bulb in it that is supposed to last 5 years we definitely questioned it. Howard couldn't mess with it because he had to get Kenzie to school so I decided I'd mess with it later.
A few hours go by and I get Maddie up and go to mess with the lamp-still doesn't work. But then Maddie calls my attention away. Within seconds there is this horrid smell that smells like melted plastic. Maddie stands next to the lamp and says it stinks. I run over to it and realize that I must of left the lamp on the 'on' setting and turned it off. Smell goes away. Then I realize that the top of the end table is wet. Really wet. And so is the side of the couch. And so is the lamp shade. And so is the photo album on the table. Then, I looked up.
16 months ago we had a seam in the living room burst open and ruin the back of our microsuede sectional. And guess what happened again?
Yep, and so much worse.

Our just months old end table is water logged. The lamp and lamp shade looked like gonners (but have been saved!), The couch was cleanable and the photo album was trashed. However, the pictures were rescued without incident.

Took apartment maintenance over 4 hours to come and look at it and stop the water. It was a condensation line that had burst, yet again.

Things have gone pretty much downhill from there. And still going.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

31 weeks and 6 days

31 weeks and 6 days with Mackenzie I went into the hospital with premature labor. They were able to stop it but at that point I was dilated to a 4 and so uncomfortable. I was on full bed rest for the rest of my pregnancy.

31 weeks and 6 days with Morgan and Madison I went into full blown labor and ended up having my twins before 4pm that day.

Today I am 31 weeks and 6 days with Parker. I had some 2 real contractions this morning after going up and down stairs three times. In the middle of them Howard texted me asking me if I was ok.

Every day, every hour, that I stay pregnant from here on out is a blessing. Better lungs, better reflexes, stronger baby.

I will not go to the hospital today.
I will not give birth today.
I will not have any more contractions today.

Well, that last one is probably not true. But the rest of it sure is.