Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Why do I jinx myself?

I always do it. And I mean ALWAYS.
I say one thing then something (usually beyond my control) proves otherwise and makes me look like a fool (um, newsflash, you do that all on your own K!)
Today I finally got around to watching this weeks episode of Big Love (I *heart* HBO). Well, from the moment I saw Sarah and Bill talking in the car about going on a dad/daughter date night I got teary. Then Margine's mom blew away and I cried. Then the whole 'finding birth control pills' scene got me crying as well. I actually wanted to hug Nicki when she admitted that they were hers. I shed a tear for Bill as he tried to find God in a heavenly place known to Mormons. Then when Sarah lost the baby. I lost it. All control. I mean all out SOBBING! Then seeing her parents hug her and support her through her loss, oh I was done for. I cried at least 15 minutes after the show was over.
I'm sitting on the couch, knowing I need to go wake up Maddie so we can go get Kenzie from school and I feel wiped. I mean like every ounce of energy that I had came out in those tears. I didn't even have the strength to get up from the couch. Then, I heard a little voice say, 'Mommmmmmmmmmie!' So of course I get up, put on a genuine smile (which is not hard to do when you're looking at your children) and go get her. We head off to go get Kenzie. As I was sitting at a stop light I twittered about my big cry to my good friend Kimm. She then told me that she has those moments too and like and said she was sorry that I was having a bad day. I contradicted her and said, I'm actually having a great day, good week and a pretty good month at that.
Her school is about 4 miles from our house. I'm about blocks from her school when I see a woman with platinum blonde hair and Chanel sunglasses that is holding 3 leashes. 2 for her rather large and fluffy dogs and the other for her bright green parrot. No, I was not high. I swear.
Half a block later, I hear a ding on my dash and I look down. My temperature gage is all the way on high and my water temp alarm is going off. Seriously?! (mind you it was 85 degrees here today and!) Anyway, I pull into the parent pickup line, roll down the windows and immediately cut the motor. I call Howard and tell him to get himself to the school like now. He tells me to get out of line as soon as I can, go park and pick up Kenzie. Great, ok.
So I do that, and I walk up and the snooty teacher who has known me for five years, and knows my car just broke down tells me that she will not release my child to me even though she is holding my hand. She says I need to walk around the school and pick her up in the office. Thanks Ms. Jackass, I'll say a prayer for your inconsideration and unkindness tonight. Anyway, So I walk around the school holding a screaming toddler, wade through a ton of children and finally get my daughter. Howard passes us as we are walking back to the van. We find a compassionate neighbor and he lets us use his hose and gives his 2 cents. {{by the way dude, you were right!}}
We are able to get back to the house with no action once so ever with the mom mobile. Howard does an inspection and sees that it's the water pump and thermostat. Luckilly it wasn't very expensive. Score!
So we are working this situation out when Howard brings up that I was called in to work in the church nursery tonight. Crap. We do not have a car that can make it that distance so I can get there. I feel horrible, but what can I do?! Howard gave me this whole schpeal on how I should be true to my word and my responsibility to the church (which I do take very seriously). So, he wants me to take either one of two vehicles one with no brakes and the other with a huge battery problem that are not supposed to be driven more then 10 miles...oh with both of our children too. Nice, huh? I let him have it. How dare he try to make me feel guilty on something I was trying to do out of the goodness of my heart and I have no means of doing it right now. I mean, I was ANGRY! He of course apologized, and I called the church and explained. I felt horrible, but I did not have a choice in the matter.
So, now it is almost midnight and I am exhausted. Kids are asleep, and husband is half asleep. Which by the way I now have a new water pump, thermostat and got my oil changed by the guilt tripper. Which he did apologize for profusely by the way. Still. Butthole.

Moral of the story: Quit saying things are good, when they can always go wrong. That applies to EVERY aspect of my life. Not just cars. Kids too. But that's a whole 'nother entry.

Monday, February 23, 2009


Ok so I got all my assignments done and turned in no problem. Presentation is still not done and it's due Sunday. To be honest I haven't even opened it in two weeks!
Today I had the written exam for the positions that I applied for at the Police Department. I did the written exam and got a 96.8 on it. It took about 2 1/2 hours to do it, so my brain was on hyper drive. Then they decided to tell us all that if we want to continue the process we needed to go with them and take the Computer/field knowledge test. I got a 94.77 on that, oh and it also took 2 hours. THEN I had to shadow a Telecommunications Operator which so happens that I got to shadow who will be my boss if I get the job. She was awesome and taught me a lot in the 2 1/2 hours I was with her.
So, when I was supposed to be back by 11am...I didn't end up getting to my moms to pick up my kids until 3:30!!!
When I got there I thought my brain was going to outright explode. Such a huge amount of information to soak in such a short duration.

Once I got to my moms Kenzie went outside to play with her BFF while I talked to my parents about the job and half assed watched Oprah's Oscar After Party. When it was time to leave, I walked outside to get Kenzie. She wasn't there. She is normally allowed to go across the small parking lot to the gazebo because it's in direct line with my parents apartment. No Kenzie, no BFF. I look at the park, no Kenzie, no BFF. I call BFF's mom, she had no idea where they were so of course she starts panicking too. Both my parents, myself and Vickie (Bff's mom) start looking for them, calling their names trying to find them. Low and behold they were behind the apartment office sitting in an alcove where a coke machine is. Those girls are so beyond grounded I cannot even tell you.

We got home and came to our apartment office to sign our lease and the management apparently clocked out early without doing anything, saying anything or having the courtesy to call even though WE HAD AN APPOINTMENT! We sat outside for half an hour waiting. No show.

Once we all got home, after 5pm, Howard started homework with Mackenzie. Maddie was so happy to have TV she was hypmotized and I started to get together all the paper work I needed, trying to get a free credit report, trying to get my hands on a transcript and then holding Maddie because she was getting hungry. That was all done by almost 7. By the end of that my nose started to bleed. I was getting overwhelmed with everything and literally felt my blood pressure rise.

Then Howard got a HORRIBLE grade for an assignment that he AND I spent 3 HOURS DOING! I helped him and worked my ass off and he got a horrible grade. I felt terrible and started to cry. So now I am crying, bleeding, nose is running...I am such a mess.

I finally calm down, feed my family and no sooner does Maddie get out of her high chair then she falls and hits her cheek hard. It starts to swell and hear come the tears. Both of ours.

Now the kids are quiet and I'm about to do some cleaning (more like throwing away).

Oh...forgot to mention that tomorrow I am going BACK to the department to have an oral board interview. FUN! I am nervous about it, not because I am facing a firing squad, but the amount of paperwork I need to bring them {they want copies of like EVERYTHING, credit report, marriage license, certified copy of my birth certificate, ect.} I have two file folders full. I am so nervous that I might not have the 'right type' of information. Meaning, my college transcript I do not have, considering the notice they gave me it was impossible to get. Also my credit

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Gettin my nerd on

I figured while my kids are being slightly good, I would blog about what's been going on. I'm on my last week of my current class and I start my IT classes on March 2nd. I'm very excited, I'm actually taking my tech classes. I'm such a nerd.
Today I have a paper to write, 2 assignments to do and my presentation to do for my final. I've been working on the presentation for a few weeks now but I need to wrap it up and get it turned in.

On Monday I applied for two jobs at a local police department. Yeah, I know it freaked me out a little too. But considering I am trying to work in IT security or Cyber crime, it would be awesome to have that experience under my belt. Anyway, after I applied for both jobs, I got emails stating they wanted me to fill out a 45 page application. Took me hours, but I got it done and turned into them. Within 24 hours they emailed me the details to take the written Officer's test. I'm scheduled to take it on Monday. Just to make sure what to expect, I went to the Department and asked for a study guide. As she handed it to me she said, 'Congratulations, as of right now you are listed as a potential officer.' *GULP*

I am so excited because these both are jobs I am more then qualified for and would be really good on a resume. It's also not far from home, pays well, has amazing benefits and the hours are really good too.

Yeah, I'm excited.

Friday, February 20, 2009

All hail Kristin the cockroach slayer!

The following is a conversation that happened on the phone and on Twitter in the past few minutes.

@kristinwest Holy Crap!! Worlds biggest cockroach!!
howardwest to @kristinwest Do what?
@kristinwest AHHHH IT'S ALIVE!
howardwest to @kristinwest kill it. kill it NOW!
kristinwest to @howardwest that's your job!
howardwest to @kristinwest well I'm not there am I? lol
kristinwest to @howardwest Well get your ass home and kill it!
howardwest to @kristinwest um I cant
Niqua416 to @kristinwest OMG RUN!!! :'(

---Howard and I's phone call---
And why the hell not?!
I'm already 5 miles south of you and...
I actually have a big day today.
It hasn't really moved all that much, just twitched every now and then.
Where is it?
Under the bar, by the kitchen. Maddie's hungry and I told her to wait while I kill devil bug. *groans*
I'll tell you what you need to do...
...put on my house shoes and grab another shoe. Hit it with the other shoe and if....
*laughs* if it moves then just start jumping around and kill it.
But then I have to get close to it to kill it...
I'm sorry baby.
*deep breaths* Ok, I'm hanging up now.

@kristinwest Kristin, don't think about it just do it! {yes, I was twittering TO MYSELF!}

---And now for the massacre----
*creeps toward cockroach, is about 2 feet from it*
*runs back*
*deep breath*
*goes towards roach again*
*strikes* {cockroach's butt falls off}
*takes a step back*
*strikes again* {cockroach in half}

kristinwest to @Niqua416 I cannot even tell you how freaked out I just was!
howardwest @kristinwest Good for you baby!
@kristinwest Mopping up cockroach goo
Niqua416 to @kristinwest Oh no, I can imagine. They scare the crap out of me, my one HUGE reason for not wanting to move back to the city, lol.
kristinwest to @Niqua416 I need a drink. I'm totally blogging this lol

Cockroack 0 Kristin 1
Kiss my ass cockroach----ehhh better not.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Woah-I'm scared of myself

Sometimes I miss the goofy love stuff that comes *mostly* at the beginning of relationships. I miss the gaga eyes and the cuddling and the just being with each other that seems to satisfy your every need no matter what's going on.

My husband is a very romantic person. I'm usually not. Doesn't mean that I don't enjoy it and obviously miss it when it's not there. My husband and I are in love, without a doubt. I guess I just miss being a couple sometimes. Back when just the two of us were doing whatever we were doing and that was enough to keep us happy. The simpler part of falling in love. I miss the butterflies, the eye catching, gooshy stuff sometimes.

While waiting half an hour for Twilight to start last night, I laid my head on my husband's shoulder, he put his arm around me and literally we almost fell asleep and would have if some people hadn't wanted to squeeze by us in a packed theater. I don't remember the last time we did that.

Like I said, I am not the romantic one in this relationship. I am the emotional one, the sympathetic one, the overly sincere and reflective one but Howard is definitely the romantic one. We are still that couple who kisses a lot, who always holds hands and calls each other pet names. But when it comes to the hard core gaga eye, butterfly fluttering romance...I think I killed it.

Can it be resurrected?

Bday and Vday OUT

So, my time to be spoiled is gone. I can't be sad, because I really was spoiled.

My husband has done multiple things for me in the past two weeks for my Birthday and Valentines Day. For my birthday I got my hair cut and colored, $150 worth of clothes, a sweet card andwe went to see Yes Man (which was stupidly hilarious!)
For Valentines Day I got a beautiful bouquet of roses and star gazer lily's which are my FAVORITE flower and I have NEVER gotten them from my husband, I almost cried. Also got a very sweet card, got a smoothie, went out to an early dinner and went to see Twilight again! I saw it the day it came out, but Howard hadn't seen it. *le sigh*
And today...(yes I know, no special day) we went out to breakfast then to go see Marley and Me. Marley and Me was a very cute movie, but I cried like a baby multiple times. The miscarriage scene was...rough.

On Valentines Day we went to go pick up Howard's glasses that were ready. While we were there (after we had waited 45 minutes to be seen) I asked about my glasses. The girl came out looking sheepish and freaked out and said my frames have ALSO been discontinued and asked me if they had called me. Um no. So, she went and got the manager and he told her to tell me to keep the ones I had. Once again: Um, no. So...I got to pick NEW FRAMES and get NEW LENSES for the same price my original ones were (package $220). I got a totally different shape and style I would of never of chosen but fell IN LOVE with when the sales girl picked them for me. I really like my new glasses. They are fabulous.

For Vday I got Howard a card and a box of chocolate covered cherries (his FAVE!). The girls got stuffed toys and cards. Kenzie got real roses and a chocolate one. Maddie got a beautiful multicolored pink, lime green and white plad dress.

So...I wonder how Howard is going to top this next year.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Fryin Bacon

This morning Howard left for work and went through the first of 3 school zones on the way to his office. The time of the school zone stops at 7:55 and have flashing lights when the school zone is in place. At 7:57 Howard got pulled over by a local police officer saying that he was going 46 in a 30.

16 miles over the speed limit.
But wait...the school zone was not affective according to the lights AND the time and the speed on that road is 40. So yes, he was speeding. But only 6 miles over the speed limit.

He accepted the ticket, freaking out and protesting to the office profusely and as professional as he could considering who he was talking to.

He called me and explained the circumstances and I immediately knew we could fight it and told him as much too.

Not 10 minutes after we hung up, he called me back and said the office called him and said he threw away the ticket and wrote him a warning instead and said it was too close to call.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Today was trying

It's my 25th birthday and here's how it went.

Got up late, but got Kenzie up and half way ready while I jumped in the shower. Took a little too long and made us later. Got Howard up and ran out of the house only to discover that Kenzie forgot her breakfast on the counter. Had to go back and get breakfast, oh and had a half way sleeping toddler whining in her car seat.
Dropped Kenzie off and did Maddie and mine's normal routine until the phone rang.

One right after the other

My mom
My sister
My husband
My grandmother
My husband

Directly after that last one, Maddie fell and hit her face on the coffee table, busting her lip. She didn't cry at first, until she came up to me and spit blood out everywhere. Thank God Kenzie was lazy and left her PJ's on the floor, because that was handy to mop up the half a cup of blood that came pouring out of Maddie's mouth. Finally the bleeding subsided and so did the tears.

I thought she busted the inside of her lip, but realized later that she bit her tongue. She now has 2 tooth shaped holes in the middle of her tongue and a black and blue bruise on the underside with some tearing on the vain that holds her tongue. No wonder we had so much blood.

Nap time came around, and she only slept 30 minutes because she couldn't suck on her pacifier. Slight problem for a baby.

So cranky and hurt, I put her in the car to get her sister and that's when the screams started. She didn't stop for over an hour. Finally we made it to my parents house and they were able to cuddle her and calm her. She just wanted to be held, and when I'm driving that's not really an option.

I left my parents only to be ambushed on the phone by my mother in law who spent 30 minutes bitching about her housing situation. When I was supposed to be going home and getting cute. Finally I got off the phone and my husband came home and gave me the sweetest card EVER which I will dictate tomorrow (it's almost midnight, and I'm sitting in my pitch black living room on the laptop). We left and went to see 'Yes Man' at the discount theater. We are HUGE fans of Jim Carey and totally forgot this was still in theaters. That movie was HILARIOUS! Loved it! Anyway, we did that and then Howard wanted to take me somewhere for dinner. Guess where I chose? Chick-fil-a. Yeah. I'm high maintiance, I know.

After food, we went to get the kids. I walked in to my parents and their neighbor singing 'Happy Birthday' very loudly with my kids dancing and singing at the top of their lungs! Then I got a cake with a candle on it and blew it out after I made a wish that things be better next year, lol.

Maddie then fell asleep in my arms watching Backyardagains and they are both now fast asleep in their beds. My husband is getting impatient with me, but I can't seem to pull myself out of this entry. I go. Tomorrow will be better!

Hey I'm 25.

Movie Confusion

I find this entertaining and a little annoying.

Today is my birthday and my husband wanted to take me out to dinner. I asked him to take me to get quick bite and then to a movie instead. He agreed, yay!

Well he said he wanted to see either 'Bride Wars' or 'He's just not that into you'. Both movies I would love to see. I have issues with seeing romantic comedies in the theater. The theater experience should be for action or beautiful sites and scenes, not something I could watch in my living room and get the same affect. Now, I do have exceptions to this issue but it still bothers me because I don't go to the theater very often.

I appreciate that my husband enjoys romantic comedies. I just don't know if I want to see them, in the theater. To be honest, I want to go see 'Coraline 3D'. I really want to take Kenzie to see it, but it is my birthday and I have been told that I need to be a little selfish and go see what I want to see.

Right now it's a toss up.

He's just not that into you
The Uninvited
The curious case of Benjamin Button

See, I told you I want to see everything.

And I would also like to see 'Bride Wars', but it's about to be out of the theaters and only has 3 random showings. I would also like to take my husband to see 'Twilight'. Since he hasn't seen it and I would love to see it again. Howard doesn't want to go see something I've already seen, and it does come out on video on March 21st (Kenzie's birthday I might add).

OH! A followup from last night- I have the temporary glasses and they're ugly as sin but I can see! And they said that they would have my new frames in 5-14 days from now. Ugh, not happy but at least I can see. They have Howard's frames and are putting the new lenses in and they will be ready tomorrow. He has temporary frames and lenses that make him look funny too. Oh and we don't have to pay a penny for new lenses for Howard and new frames and lenses for me, when originally they cost almost $200.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Can't see!

You read correctly. I cannot see. Right now typing looks like black smudge so if I make any mistakes I am leaving them for...well for effect, lol.

Saturday January 31st we went into eye masters to claim our warranty for new lenses (costs us a few bucks, but new lenses!). They said they couldn't have them done until Tuesday, and I cannot see without my glasses and Howard barely can either. So that was no good. The sweet salesman said that he could find duplicates for our glasses and send those in to have the lenses cut and then we can come in and they will put the lenses in the correct frames. GREAT, right? We thought so.

Anyway, Tuesday comes and leaves, as does a week since we put in for our new lenses. We call on Sunday and they tell us to call back on Monday. Monday comes and they're closed. Great. So today rolls around and Howard calls. Someone answers and says that they will call him back. They didn't so a few hours later, Howard called them back. Our lenses are cut and ready for us. YAY!

So, this evening before he grilled steaks for dinner he took Kenzie and my glasses to eyemasters to get our new lenses. He starts twittering that he's pissed off at waiting. An hour goes by...still nothing. Finally I text him and ask him what is going on.
He calls me within 10 minutes and tells me they have now BROKEN MY FRAMES and cut the wrong lenses for him. They said they would send me the frames that they had used to cut the correct lense size for me until a replacement frame can be ordered with no idea how long it'll take to get a replacement frame in. I told Howard that he needs to speak to a manager, now. And we will get my replacement frames and new lenses and WE WILL NOT PAY A PENNY! He brushes me off. {omg at this point I wanted to beat him with a lamp!}

So I am sitting here with a starving toddler because steak is still not grilled {I'm about to break out the indoor grill} and I cannot see a damn thing. I have NO idea what is going on with my glasses or his. I am sooooo furious at Eyemasters and for Howard for not being more assertive!

Did I mention the frames that I am going to be wearing for God knows how long are green and purple? Lovely huh?


Ok, so in attempt to chill my toddler out so she would be up to the idea of taking a nap I turned on playhouse disney. A mini show came on called Choo Choo Soul. Now this show has two of her favorite things in it, music and trains so yay!

Has anyone actually taken a look at Genevieve from Choo Choo Soul? Can we say drag brows?


Monday, February 9, 2009

The things kids pfftt!

My daughter has been known to say some odd things. A couple of months ago she did the 'Bulls eye Jingle' comment.
Her newest is calling herself Dr. Flabbaboose. When she said this on Friday night, I cracked up. She is so hilarious! She is also calling Howard Daddy Flabbaboose. Yeah, she has issues.

Last night we were watching someTHING on TV, oh...yeah it was Princess Diaries 2 and there was a line said by Julie Andrews that said something about being a Sas (Sassy...) and there was some hitting with fans, ect. Anyway, after that segment Maddie decides to grab her popcorn popper, hit her sister with it and call her an ass. I kid you not.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Need a laugh?

Hands down, I have not laughed this hard in way too long. Yes, some of my friends make fun of me for admitting that I watched Laguna Beach, The Hills and now The City but I am hooked and these photos that surfaced today of Spedi are hilarious!

Check out the hilarity

Spencer looks like a stage mom and in some of the pics it looks like Heidi is trying to pass a vacuum cleaner.