Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Today was trying

It's my 25th birthday and here's how it went.

Got up late, but got Kenzie up and half way ready while I jumped in the shower. Took a little too long and made us later. Got Howard up and ran out of the house only to discover that Kenzie forgot her breakfast on the counter. Had to go back and get breakfast, oh and had a half way sleeping toddler whining in her car seat.
Dropped Kenzie off and did Maddie and mine's normal routine until the phone rang.

One right after the other

My mom
My sister
My husband
My grandmother
My husband

Directly after that last one, Maddie fell and hit her face on the coffee table, busting her lip. She didn't cry at first, until she came up to me and spit blood out everywhere. Thank God Kenzie was lazy and left her PJ's on the floor, because that was handy to mop up the half a cup of blood that came pouring out of Maddie's mouth. Finally the bleeding subsided and so did the tears.

I thought she busted the inside of her lip, but realized later that she bit her tongue. She now has 2 tooth shaped holes in the middle of her tongue and a black and blue bruise on the underside with some tearing on the vain that holds her tongue. No wonder we had so much blood.

Nap time came around, and she only slept 30 minutes because she couldn't suck on her pacifier. Slight problem for a baby.

So cranky and hurt, I put her in the car to get her sister and that's when the screams started. She didn't stop for over an hour. Finally we made it to my parents house and they were able to cuddle her and calm her. She just wanted to be held, and when I'm driving that's not really an option.

I left my parents only to be ambushed on the phone by my mother in law who spent 30 minutes bitching about her housing situation. When I was supposed to be going home and getting cute. Finally I got off the phone and my husband came home and gave me the sweetest card EVER which I will dictate tomorrow (it's almost midnight, and I'm sitting in my pitch black living room on the laptop). We left and went to see 'Yes Man' at the discount theater. We are HUGE fans of Jim Carey and totally forgot this was still in theaters. That movie was HILARIOUS! Loved it! Anyway, we did that and then Howard wanted to take me somewhere for dinner. Guess where I chose? Chick-fil-a. Yeah. I'm high maintiance, I know.

After food, we went to get the kids. I walked in to my parents and their neighbor singing 'Happy Birthday' very loudly with my kids dancing and singing at the top of their lungs! Then I got a cake with a candle on it and blew it out after I made a wish that things be better next year, lol.

Maddie then fell asleep in my arms watching Backyardagains and they are both now fast asleep in their beds. My husband is getting impatient with me, but I can't seem to pull myself out of this entry. I go. Tomorrow will be better!

Hey I'm 25.

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