Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bday and Vday OUT

So, my time to be spoiled is gone. I can't be sad, because I really was spoiled.

My husband has done multiple things for me in the past two weeks for my Birthday and Valentines Day. For my birthday I got my hair cut and colored, $150 worth of clothes, a sweet card andwe went to see Yes Man (which was stupidly hilarious!)
For Valentines Day I got a beautiful bouquet of roses and star gazer lily's which are my FAVORITE flower and I have NEVER gotten them from my husband, I almost cried. Also got a very sweet card, got a smoothie, went out to an early dinner and went to see Twilight again! I saw it the day it came out, but Howard hadn't seen it. *le sigh*
And today...(yes I know, no special day) we went out to breakfast then to go see Marley and Me. Marley and Me was a very cute movie, but I cried like a baby multiple times. The miscarriage scene was...rough.

On Valentines Day we went to go pick up Howard's glasses that were ready. While we were there (after we had waited 45 minutes to be seen) I asked about my glasses. The girl came out looking sheepish and freaked out and said my frames have ALSO been discontinued and asked me if they had called me. Um no. So, she went and got the manager and he told her to tell me to keep the ones I had. Once again: Um, no. So...I got to pick NEW FRAMES and get NEW LENSES for the same price my original ones were (package $220). I got a totally different shape and style I would of never of chosen but fell IN LOVE with when the sales girl picked them for me. I really like my new glasses. They are fabulous.

For Vday I got Howard a card and a box of chocolate covered cherries (his FAVE!). The girls got stuffed toys and cards. Kenzie got real roses and a chocolate one. Maddie got a beautiful multicolored pink, lime green and white plad dress.

So...I wonder how Howard is going to top this next year.

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