Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Can't see!

You read correctly. I cannot see. Right now typing looks like black smudge so if I make any mistakes I am leaving them for...well for effect, lol.

Saturday January 31st we went into eye masters to claim our warranty for new lenses (costs us a few bucks, but new lenses!). They said they couldn't have them done until Tuesday, and I cannot see without my glasses and Howard barely can either. So that was no good. The sweet salesman said that he could find duplicates for our glasses and send those in to have the lenses cut and then we can come in and they will put the lenses in the correct frames. GREAT, right? We thought so.

Anyway, Tuesday comes and leaves, as does a week since we put in for our new lenses. We call on Sunday and they tell us to call back on Monday. Monday comes and they're closed. Great. So today rolls around and Howard calls. Someone answers and says that they will call him back. They didn't so a few hours later, Howard called them back. Our lenses are cut and ready for us. YAY!

So, this evening before he grilled steaks for dinner he took Kenzie and my glasses to eyemasters to get our new lenses. He starts twittering that he's pissed off at waiting. An hour goes by...still nothing. Finally I text him and ask him what is going on.
He calls me within 10 minutes and tells me they have now BROKEN MY FRAMES and cut the wrong lenses for him. They said they would send me the frames that they had used to cut the correct lense size for me until a replacement frame can be ordered with no idea how long it'll take to get a replacement frame in. I told Howard that he needs to speak to a manager, now. And we will get my replacement frames and new lenses and WE WILL NOT PAY A PENNY! He brushes me off. {omg at this point I wanted to beat him with a lamp!}

So I am sitting here with a starving toddler because steak is still not grilled {I'm about to break out the indoor grill} and I cannot see a damn thing. I have NO idea what is going on with my glasses or his. I am sooooo furious at Eyemasters and for Howard for not being more assertive!

Did I mention the frames that I am going to be wearing for God knows how long are green and purple? Lovely huh?

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