Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I found a car
And a bank to finance me
Yeah, me, with no credit
Crazy huh?

We really wanted another mini van because we have 5-7 passengers for the most time. We found a ton of 2007-2010 mini van's for $11,000-14,000 and they are beautiful, super low miles. But we can't get financing for that one with any less then $3000 down.

It's a small crossover, a Dodge Caliber hatch back but it will barely fit my family but it will. And it's only a 2008 with not too high of mileage. The Dodge Caliber will hold our family, but not my parents who are disabled, without a vehicle and depend on us for transportation.


They want $2000 down.

We literally have no money in our savings. I think we may have $6. How can I make $2000 in like a day? (Because we need the car like, yesterday) Or does anyone want to loan it to me?


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

They keep rolling in

The black clouds will not let up.

Injury Update:
  • Howard: Doctor is suggesting some physical therapy and possibly a chiropractor. He is having major neck and back pain. The abrasions on his stomach will probably leave a scar. His toe is still very broken and still black and blue. The bruising on his legs is still as dark as it was 24 hours post accident, and still as sore. He is currently taking an anti inflammatory and muscle relaxers.
  • Mackenzie: Still is in pain. The past week has gotten a little better. But she is having to stay medicated with IB Prophen to even function at school. Bruises are gone, so is the brace. Headaches, neck-aches, backaches are all a common problem with her at the moment. She is insanely emotional. Crying a lot, being very clingy. She doesn't like riding in any vehicle at all.
  • Maddie: No more bruises at all. Constantly talks about accident and generally freaks when in a vehicle. Still very clingy. The one positive thing the accident bestowed upon us was that she is no longer 'afraid' or timid with Parker. She is protective, and loving and has no problem interacting with him.
  • Parker: Is just fine. No more crankiness or clingy-ness. Well, no more than usual.
  • Me: Bruises are gone. Scar across chest is still very prominent but dermatologist said that he doesn't think the scar will be permanent. Cracked rib still kills and knee hurts often. Anxiety attacks are frequent. And I hate being in the car.
We still don't have a vehicle. We rented one for 3 weeks and 2 days and it cost us just shy of $1000, which is highway robbery and our entire savings. We did it thinking that we were going to get reimbursed, which we aren't.

I honestly don't know what we are going to do about a vehicle. Our credit sucks and everywhere we've looked we need a 2-3 thousand dollar down payment.

I feel like I'm drowning in doubt and anxiety.