Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I found a car
And a bank to finance me
Yeah, me, with no credit
Crazy huh?

We really wanted another mini van because we have 5-7 passengers for the most time. We found a ton of 2007-2010 mini van's for $11,000-14,000 and they are beautiful, super low miles. But we can't get financing for that one with any less then $3000 down.

It's a small crossover, a Dodge Caliber hatch back but it will barely fit my family but it will. And it's only a 2008 with not too high of mileage. The Dodge Caliber will hold our family, but not my parents who are disabled, without a vehicle and depend on us for transportation.


They want $2000 down.

We literally have no money in our savings. I think we may have $6. How can I make $2000 in like a day? (Because we need the car like, yesterday) Or does anyone want to loan it to me?


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