Saturday, June 20, 2009

One of those moments

Howard comes in the bedroom chuckling the other day, so I inquire why.

Here's a convo between him and our oldest:
M: I wish my room was closer to you and Mommy's
H: No you don't
M: Yes I do! It's on the other end of the house
(Mind you there's only like 1500 sq ft in this house lol)
H: No, trust me, you don't
H: Because we're loud
(at this point I gawk at him, hit him in the shoulder and say, HOWARD! OMG! He continues...giggling...)
M: How are you loud?
H: We just are. We stay up late, we watch TV and we giggle...a lot.
(I am red faced laughing at this point, as is he)
M: Oh yeah, you guys would keep me up. Ehh ok.

Oh what it would be like to be 8 again.

Friday, June 12, 2009

sick of me

Do you ever find yourself in a position that you are just sick of yourself?

I'm there!

I am so utterly paranoid I make myself nauseas.

Ok, so, I have said on more then one occasion that I jinx myself so I have kept myself quiet about this for 5 days. Which may not seem like a big deal, but yeah I need to get on with it, annoying myself again.

Monday morning I woke up and I was laying on my stomach. I mean full on, flat on my stomach and I was so comfortable (my normal sleeping position). Naturally, I panicked. I'm not a small person and I am always afraid that I could hurt the baby if I was laying on my stomach which is a no no when you're pregnant anyway. So immediately I rolled over.
Since then I swear movement of the baby has slowed immensely. I do feel an occasional nudge but not like I felt for weeks before hand.

I'm afraid I hurt the baby.

Could the baby of turned so I am not feeling as much movement? Sure
Am I just not feeling the banana size baby? Very possible
Is there any other symptoms of baby in distress? Not that I can tell...still blooming, I can still feel occasional movement, still have pregnancy symptoms.
Am I being paranoid? More then likely
Does it stop me from being worried about this? NOT IN THE LEAST

I know that my experience with the twins has caused me to be a little...ok...a lot more protective and paranoid about the health of my unborn child especially considering how the entire first trimester went.

I'm determined not to utterly freak out about this until I see the baby on the ultrasound next Friday. Yes, I have to wait one more week but unless I find any other symptoms I think that I would look like a psycho paranoid pregnant woman (hello pot, meet kettle) if I took this further with my doctor or at the ER. So I will just have to deal with my paranoia and pray that I am wrong.

Ok, now somebody laugh at me and tell me to chill out, maybe I'll listen!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Oh and...



Howard spent all weekend with the girls. Literally I didn't see him for hours on Saturday because he turned our office into a fort and the girls and him stayed in there, had lunch, colored, made phone calls to grandparents and much more. They had a blast. The girls really needed some daddy time.
This morning I got a phone call that pulled me out of my half conscious sleeping stupor from my mom. My dad FINALLY agreed to go to the hospital. He is always in pain, but will never see a doctor because he is in denial that his melanoma has come back, he has Alzheimer tendencies and he has really bad emphysema. The hospital immediately freaked because his blood pressure was 210/110. They gave him a shot for it then took him for a chest x-ray because he was wheezing constantly. As we've told him, they said that he should be on 100% oxygen all the time and taking breathing treatments for the emphysema. He has a bad bronchitis because of it so they gave him some steroids and antibiotics for that including a rescue inhaler. They also gave him a big shot of morphine for pain and a prescription for pain killers. The mans stubbornness annoys me to no end. We have done everything but tie him up and drag him to a doctor.
Anyone have any rope I can borrow?

Friday, June 5, 2009

so proud

Today is Kenzie's last day of school as a 2nd grader. *tear* She got all emotional on the way to school ((she is sooooooooooo PMSing!)).

Oh and my hubby asked me to make him a blog. After the initial bug eyes calmed down...I made him a blog. *tear* so proud (omg I'm a DORK!)

Bubba's Blog

Thursday, June 4, 2009

And a bag of chips

You know how people say that when you want to talk about stuff, start at the beginning...I don't even know where that is at this point. Let's start with the ugly stuff, shall we?
I emailed my Academic Counselor and canceled my Bachelors Program. I know what I'm doing, I swear...I have my reasons. #1- Once I get my Associates I do not want to be affiliated with U of P anymore. It has been a constant struggle and I have seen how they treat their students who are doing well, students that aren't doing well, students that have problems and their EMPLOYEES, OMG! Most of them...are frankly...slow. And not to mention they have driven out the force that is Renee. Renee is the reason that I enrolled in that school, hands down. They have treated her badly for the last time, Thank God! Fuckers. :) I still have financial aid in limbo, I still have an academic council in limbo and I still have a disability claim in limbo. Grand pile of bullshit.
Mackenzie's celebrating her last full day of school today by doing a game day...all day. That reminds me, I need to email her teacher and apologize now for the headache the game she brought is going to cause, that thing is loud. She did not do very well for her last assessment tests, but I am confident that she will pull it together. She is so much better with one on one learning and she'll get lots of that this summer. We went to brag night at her school on Thursday and saw the progress she has made this year, we are so proud of her. Maddie is great. She has been rather clingly lately and will be so happy when her sister is home every day. She keeps finding ways to get into markers so she constantly has brown, green and red marks on her hands and legs. She's fast and I waddle lol.
Speaking of waddling...
I'm 19 weeks today. I feel like my stomach is going to melt to the floor, lol. The good doctor told me that the more kids you have the more your stomach muscles get stretched out. Wow, no kidding. In cause of that, I am waddling, especially when I have been on my feet a lot. I have realized that I can no longer handle, cook or eat ANY TYPE OF CHICKEN. At all. If I do, I will get of a chicken nugget. No joke. Baby hates chicken. I still have 2 weeks until my appointment for the ultrasound. Bleh.
I constantly have the desire to be in water. (gonna get all zodiac on you so beware) I am pretty much a full aquarius and I know that I have a natural pull towards water, always have but this is a little extreme. I keep having dreams that I am swimming or in some body of water. Just floating and considering my buoyancy that wouldn't be difficult at this point.