Saturday, June 20, 2009

One of those moments

Howard comes in the bedroom chuckling the other day, so I inquire why.

Here's a convo between him and our oldest:
M: I wish my room was closer to you and Mommy's
H: No you don't
M: Yes I do! It's on the other end of the house
(Mind you there's only like 1500 sq ft in this house lol)
H: No, trust me, you don't
H: Because we're loud
(at this point I gawk at him, hit him in the shoulder and say, HOWARD! OMG! He continues...giggling...)
M: How are you loud?
H: We just are. We stay up late, we watch TV and we giggle...a lot.
(I am red faced laughing at this point, as is he)
M: Oh yeah, you guys would keep me up. Ehh ok.

Oh what it would be like to be 8 again.


Howard said...

That was funny. I love it.

H said...

LOL. This is awesome. The boys the other day told me to kiss G because he never smiled anymore unless I kissed him. So I kissed him and told him to smile or else. LOL