Thursday, June 4, 2009

And a bag of chips

You know how people say that when you want to talk about stuff, start at the beginning...I don't even know where that is at this point. Let's start with the ugly stuff, shall we?
I emailed my Academic Counselor and canceled my Bachelors Program. I know what I'm doing, I swear...I have my reasons. #1- Once I get my Associates I do not want to be affiliated with U of P anymore. It has been a constant struggle and I have seen how they treat their students who are doing well, students that aren't doing well, students that have problems and their EMPLOYEES, OMG! Most of them...are frankly...slow. And not to mention they have driven out the force that is Renee. Renee is the reason that I enrolled in that school, hands down. They have treated her badly for the last time, Thank God! Fuckers. :) I still have financial aid in limbo, I still have an academic council in limbo and I still have a disability claim in limbo. Grand pile of bullshit.
Mackenzie's celebrating her last full day of school today by doing a game day...all day. That reminds me, I need to email her teacher and apologize now for the headache the game she brought is going to cause, that thing is loud. She did not do very well for her last assessment tests, but I am confident that she will pull it together. She is so much better with one on one learning and she'll get lots of that this summer. We went to brag night at her school on Thursday and saw the progress she has made this year, we are so proud of her. Maddie is great. She has been rather clingly lately and will be so happy when her sister is home every day. She keeps finding ways to get into markers so she constantly has brown, green and red marks on her hands and legs. She's fast and I waddle lol.
Speaking of waddling...
I'm 19 weeks today. I feel like my stomach is going to melt to the floor, lol. The good doctor told me that the more kids you have the more your stomach muscles get stretched out. Wow, no kidding. In cause of that, I am waddling, especially when I have been on my feet a lot. I have realized that I can no longer handle, cook or eat ANY TYPE OF CHICKEN. At all. If I do, I will get of a chicken nugget. No joke. Baby hates chicken. I still have 2 weeks until my appointment for the ultrasound. Bleh.
I constantly have the desire to be in water. (gonna get all zodiac on you so beware) I am pretty much a full aquarius and I know that I have a natural pull towards water, always have but this is a little extreme. I keep having dreams that I am swimming or in some body of water. Just floating and considering my buoyancy that wouldn't be difficult at this point.


Loraaf said...

I am laughing so hard at the water thing that I almost fell out of my chair!!! I had the funniest mental image which I will not say here cause well, I just won't lol! I am so sorry about school but am so glad that you won't have that stress to deal with!!!!!! Yay for last day of school, and Cassie has been clingy lately too!! Go figure right!

Kimm said...

Arabel hated chicken when I was pregnant with her too. As soon as I came home from the hospital I had chicken salad and it was delicious. :)

H said...

Hey I am Aquarious too and I love water. I am always in a bath to relax and love to swim. That is too funny. I am so sorry about the school. I tried so hard to help, but I couldnt hang on anylonger. I am so sorry.