Monday, June 8, 2009


Howard spent all weekend with the girls. Literally I didn't see him for hours on Saturday because he turned our office into a fort and the girls and him stayed in there, had lunch, colored, made phone calls to grandparents and much more. They had a blast. The girls really needed some daddy time.
This morning I got a phone call that pulled me out of my half conscious sleeping stupor from my mom. My dad FINALLY agreed to go to the hospital. He is always in pain, but will never see a doctor because he is in denial that his melanoma has come back, he has Alzheimer tendencies and he has really bad emphysema. The hospital immediately freaked because his blood pressure was 210/110. They gave him a shot for it then took him for a chest x-ray because he was wheezing constantly. As we've told him, they said that he should be on 100% oxygen all the time and taking breathing treatments for the emphysema. He has a bad bronchitis because of it so they gave him some steroids and antibiotics for that including a rescue inhaler. They also gave him a big shot of morphine for pain and a prescription for pain killers. The mans stubbornness annoys me to no end. We have done everything but tie him up and drag him to a doctor.
Anyone have any rope I can borrow?

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H said...

Men are ridiculous! Rope I do have. Our oldest son loves rope, handcuffs, chains well really anything that can bind a person. Hmmmm I see a trend here. I always teach him that no means no.