Saturday, February 21, 2009

Gettin my nerd on

I figured while my kids are being slightly good, I would blog about what's been going on. I'm on my last week of my current class and I start my IT classes on March 2nd. I'm very excited, I'm actually taking my tech classes. I'm such a nerd.
Today I have a paper to write, 2 assignments to do and my presentation to do for my final. I've been working on the presentation for a few weeks now but I need to wrap it up and get it turned in.

On Monday I applied for two jobs at a local police department. Yeah, I know it freaked me out a little too. But considering I am trying to work in IT security or Cyber crime, it would be awesome to have that experience under my belt. Anyway, after I applied for both jobs, I got emails stating they wanted me to fill out a 45 page application. Took me hours, but I got it done and turned into them. Within 24 hours they emailed me the details to take the written Officer's test. I'm scheduled to take it on Monday. Just to make sure what to expect, I went to the Department and asked for a study guide. As she handed it to me she said, 'Congratulations, as of right now you are listed as a potential officer.' *GULP*

I am so excited because these both are jobs I am more then qualified for and would be really good on a resume. It's also not far from home, pays well, has amazing benefits and the hours are really good too.

Yeah, I'm excited.

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