Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Why do I jinx myself?

I always do it. And I mean ALWAYS.
I say one thing then something (usually beyond my control) proves otherwise and makes me look like a fool (um, newsflash, you do that all on your own K!)
Today I finally got around to watching this weeks episode of Big Love (I *heart* HBO). Well, from the moment I saw Sarah and Bill talking in the car about going on a dad/daughter date night I got teary. Then Margine's mom blew away and I cried. Then the whole 'finding birth control pills' scene got me crying as well. I actually wanted to hug Nicki when she admitted that they were hers. I shed a tear for Bill as he tried to find God in a heavenly place known to Mormons. Then when Sarah lost the baby. I lost it. All control. I mean all out SOBBING! Then seeing her parents hug her and support her through her loss, oh I was done for. I cried at least 15 minutes after the show was over.
I'm sitting on the couch, knowing I need to go wake up Maddie so we can go get Kenzie from school and I feel wiped. I mean like every ounce of energy that I had came out in those tears. I didn't even have the strength to get up from the couch. Then, I heard a little voice say, 'Mommmmmmmmmmie!' So of course I get up, put on a genuine smile (which is not hard to do when you're looking at your children) and go get her. We head off to go get Kenzie. As I was sitting at a stop light I twittered about my big cry to my good friend Kimm. She then told me that she has those moments too and like and said she was sorry that I was having a bad day. I contradicted her and said, I'm actually having a great day, good week and a pretty good month at that.
Her school is about 4 miles from our house. I'm about blocks from her school when I see a woman with platinum blonde hair and Chanel sunglasses that is holding 3 leashes. 2 for her rather large and fluffy dogs and the other for her bright green parrot. No, I was not high. I swear.
Half a block later, I hear a ding on my dash and I look down. My temperature gage is all the way on high and my water temp alarm is going off. Seriously?! (mind you it was 85 degrees here today and!) Anyway, I pull into the parent pickup line, roll down the windows and immediately cut the motor. I call Howard and tell him to get himself to the school like now. He tells me to get out of line as soon as I can, go park and pick up Kenzie. Great, ok.
So I do that, and I walk up and the snooty teacher who has known me for five years, and knows my car just broke down tells me that she will not release my child to me even though she is holding my hand. She says I need to walk around the school and pick her up in the office. Thanks Ms. Jackass, I'll say a prayer for your inconsideration and unkindness tonight. Anyway, So I walk around the school holding a screaming toddler, wade through a ton of children and finally get my daughter. Howard passes us as we are walking back to the van. We find a compassionate neighbor and he lets us use his hose and gives his 2 cents. {{by the way dude, you were right!}}
We are able to get back to the house with no action once so ever with the mom mobile. Howard does an inspection and sees that it's the water pump and thermostat. Luckilly it wasn't very expensive. Score!
So we are working this situation out when Howard brings up that I was called in to work in the church nursery tonight. Crap. We do not have a car that can make it that distance so I can get there. I feel horrible, but what can I do?! Howard gave me this whole schpeal on how I should be true to my word and my responsibility to the church (which I do take very seriously). So, he wants me to take either one of two vehicles one with no brakes and the other with a huge battery problem that are not supposed to be driven more then 10 miles...oh with both of our children too. Nice, huh? I let him have it. How dare he try to make me feel guilty on something I was trying to do out of the goodness of my heart and I have no means of doing it right now. I mean, I was ANGRY! He of course apologized, and I called the church and explained. I felt horrible, but I did not have a choice in the matter.
So, now it is almost midnight and I am exhausted. Kids are asleep, and husband is half asleep. Which by the way I now have a new water pump, thermostat and got my oil changed by the guilt tripper. Which he did apologize for profusely by the way. Still. Butthole.

Moral of the story: Quit saying things are good, when they can always go wrong. That applies to EVERY aspect of my life. Not just cars. Kids too. But that's a whole 'nother entry.

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