Monday, February 23, 2009


Ok so I got all my assignments done and turned in no problem. Presentation is still not done and it's due Sunday. To be honest I haven't even opened it in two weeks!
Today I had the written exam for the positions that I applied for at the Police Department. I did the written exam and got a 96.8 on it. It took about 2 1/2 hours to do it, so my brain was on hyper drive. Then they decided to tell us all that if we want to continue the process we needed to go with them and take the Computer/field knowledge test. I got a 94.77 on that, oh and it also took 2 hours. THEN I had to shadow a Telecommunications Operator which so happens that I got to shadow who will be my boss if I get the job. She was awesome and taught me a lot in the 2 1/2 hours I was with her.
So, when I was supposed to be back by 11am...I didn't end up getting to my moms to pick up my kids until 3:30!!!
When I got there I thought my brain was going to outright explode. Such a huge amount of information to soak in such a short duration.

Once I got to my moms Kenzie went outside to play with her BFF while I talked to my parents about the job and half assed watched Oprah's Oscar After Party. When it was time to leave, I walked outside to get Kenzie. She wasn't there. She is normally allowed to go across the small parking lot to the gazebo because it's in direct line with my parents apartment. No Kenzie, no BFF. I look at the park, no Kenzie, no BFF. I call BFF's mom, she had no idea where they were so of course she starts panicking too. Both my parents, myself and Vickie (Bff's mom) start looking for them, calling their names trying to find them. Low and behold they were behind the apartment office sitting in an alcove where a coke machine is. Those girls are so beyond grounded I cannot even tell you.

We got home and came to our apartment office to sign our lease and the management apparently clocked out early without doing anything, saying anything or having the courtesy to call even though WE HAD AN APPOINTMENT! We sat outside for half an hour waiting. No show.

Once we all got home, after 5pm, Howard started homework with Mackenzie. Maddie was so happy to have TV she was hypmotized and I started to get together all the paper work I needed, trying to get a free credit report, trying to get my hands on a transcript and then holding Maddie because she was getting hungry. That was all done by almost 7. By the end of that my nose started to bleed. I was getting overwhelmed with everything and literally felt my blood pressure rise.

Then Howard got a HORRIBLE grade for an assignment that he AND I spent 3 HOURS DOING! I helped him and worked my ass off and he got a horrible grade. I felt terrible and started to cry. So now I am crying, bleeding, nose is running...I am such a mess.

I finally calm down, feed my family and no sooner does Maddie get out of her high chair then she falls and hits her cheek hard. It starts to swell and hear come the tears. Both of ours.

Now the kids are quiet and I'm about to do some cleaning (more like throwing away).

Oh...forgot to mention that tomorrow I am going BACK to the department to have an oral board interview. FUN! I am nervous about it, not because I am facing a firing squad, but the amount of paperwork I need to bring them {they want copies of like EVERYTHING, credit report, marriage license, certified copy of my birth certificate, ect.} I have two file folders full. I am so nervous that I might not have the 'right type' of information. Meaning, my college transcript I do not have, considering the notice they gave me it was impossible to get. Also my credit

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