Friday, February 13, 2009

Fryin Bacon

This morning Howard left for work and went through the first of 3 school zones on the way to his office. The time of the school zone stops at 7:55 and have flashing lights when the school zone is in place. At 7:57 Howard got pulled over by a local police officer saying that he was going 46 in a 30.

16 miles over the speed limit.
But wait...the school zone was not affective according to the lights AND the time and the speed on that road is 40. So yes, he was speeding. But only 6 miles over the speed limit.

He accepted the ticket, freaking out and protesting to the office profusely and as professional as he could considering who he was talking to.

He called me and explained the circumstances and I immediately knew we could fight it and told him as much too.

Not 10 minutes after we hung up, he called me back and said the office called him and said he threw away the ticket and wrote him a warning instead and said it was too close to call.


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