Wednesday, September 9, 2009

9 is not my lucky number

On Labor Day I had some MAJOR contractions while in walmart. Now, no stone throwing. I'm still on moderate bed rest. Which means not being on my feet for more then 20-30 minutes. And I wasn't...but I still contracted. The pressure I felt in the worst possible area, o-m-g. I had promised Howard that if I had more then 4 real contractions within an hour that I would call my doc. I didn't get past 4. But then I had a ton of Braxton Hicks afterward but they didn't hurt at all.
Tuesday I felt awesome. Seriously. I was in very little pain and Parker was nice and high so I didn't have much pressure. I felt great!
This morning I woke up and I felt ok. Parker had lowered a bit so the pressure was back, but not as bad as it normally is.
Oh hey...random piece of's raining! (a rare commodity these days).
Anyway, Kenzie went to turn on the usual lamp in the living room and it didn't come on. Which would normally would not be an issue but since we had just put an energy saver bulb in it that is supposed to last 5 years we definitely questioned it. Howard couldn't mess with it because he had to get Kenzie to school so I decided I'd mess with it later.
A few hours go by and I get Maddie up and go to mess with the lamp-still doesn't work. But then Maddie calls my attention away. Within seconds there is this horrid smell that smells like melted plastic. Maddie stands next to the lamp and says it stinks. I run over to it and realize that I must of left the lamp on the 'on' setting and turned it off. Smell goes away. Then I realize that the top of the end table is wet. Really wet. And so is the side of the couch. And so is the lamp shade. And so is the photo album on the table. Then, I looked up.
16 months ago we had a seam in the living room burst open and ruin the back of our microsuede sectional. And guess what happened again?
Yep, and so much worse.

Our just months old end table is water logged. The lamp and lamp shade looked like gonners (but have been saved!), The couch was cleanable and the photo album was trashed. However, the pictures were rescued without incident.

Took apartment maintenance over 4 hours to come and look at it and stop the water. It was a condensation line that had burst, yet again.

Things have gone pretty much downhill from there. And still going.

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Loraaf said...

Awwwww, I am so sorry sweetie!