Thursday, September 17, 2009

33 and 34 weeks

**Ok, so I started this entry off with what happened at last week's appointment...So taking you back to last Thursday-
Well, we made it to 33 weeks!
I was running late all day with family crap that had nothing to do with me. But I did eventually pull it together to get to the doctor on time.
They called us back for an ultrasound within a few minutes.

Random mental picture to make you smile: My 2 year old is running around wearing a too small purple fish shirt, too big gray sweat pants, Elmo slippers and a tutu...on her head.

The wonderful Judy who was doing my ultrasound found Parker head down, which is great news! She started measuring him and his organs and according to all the measurements he is 41 weeks and 2 days. And she is assuming that he is about 8 pounds. And I'm 33 weeks...eek! She got great shots of his organs and pointed everything out for us. Then we saw him randomly arching his back then relaxing. Of course, my head popped off the table out of concern. She laughed at me (normal occurrence, trust me) and said he was just practicing breathing, which is a great sign of good health. She said it is rare to catch it on an ultrasound so she'll make sure to let Dr. H know. She measured the fluid and said he does have some excess that is more then likely caused by the gestational diabetes. Although my sugars haven't been terrible, they haven't been perfect either. So that's a concern.
I get back to the doctor with Howard and I gained 3 pounds. I have some swelling in my feet and hands but BP is good. Dr. H measures my belly and I'm measuring at 43 weeks. He started me on some diabetes medicine to help with the extra fluid. He wants me to start having non stress tests to check Parker's heart beat and make sure he's not under stress and have a weekly ultrasound until I deliver.

Now onto today's visit...
I went to today's alone. I know that is a huge no no, considering I shouldn't be driving but my mom was too sick to take me and Howard had to be at work. I got there early (GO ME) but Nurse J (Dr. H's fantabulous nurse) ushered me back to the NST room.
I spent a lot of time in this room with the twins. It has 2 comfortable recliners, soft lighting, dark wood furniture and black and white photos of pregnant women and newborn babies. Nurse J hooks me up to the monitors and leaves me be. I lay in there for about 10 minutes when I realize I can't reach my purse without moving and I want Howard to hear Parker's heart beat. So I reach down and grab it and call him. While I was on the phone the monitor all the sudden goes nuts and starts beeping, although his heart beat has been fine and hasn't faltered at all, no matter how hard he kicks it lol. My doctor comes walking in and fixes the beeping, machine error. So I have to end up being on the NST monitors for 30 minutes. Came out with a great result, his heart was beating loud and strong and my doc saw no signs of distress or cause for worry.
The ultrasound went well. Checking his organs, size, fluid, all that jazz. She caught him practicing breathing again. She said that basically they are checking to make sure that all of his organs are good and checking his wellbeing for delivery. He passed with 10/10, so that made me feel a lot better. Still have excess fluid but about the same as last time. She got a good shot of the profile, and he looks just like his daddy.
Then it was time for the regular appointment and I lost 4 pounds. BP was good, but they Nurse J and Dr. H noticed my legs were a little swollen. My hands are good though. He measured my belly and raised his eyebrows. I'm up to measuring at 47 weeks. Still no cervical check (which in a way I am grateful for, it hurts) but that is soon to come. He said if I start having any intense contractions or I even think I may be leaking fluid I need to come in immediately. My uterus is literally going to pop like a waterballoon when that time comes. I swear, with the excess fluid it's going to be like Parker's very own slip-n-slide.

Next appointment-Thursday September 24th with another NST, ultrasound and OB Check.

Any guesses how long Mr. Parker is going to stay in there?

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