Saturday, August 29, 2009

Are you going to make it?

That's the first thing Dr. H said when he touched my abdomen on Friday afternoon.
His concern was stomping all over his face.

I gained 3 pounds, my first weight gain in this pregnancy.
BP was good, which has been a concern...I've been swollen.
They checked me for a UTI, which has also been a concern because of where my pain is located in my lower abdomen.
My doctor came in, and even though I hadn't said a word about my contractions or my pain he immediately asked me if I was going to be able to make it another 6-7 more weeks (as opposed to 8 more weeks which is when my c-section is scheduled).
I just looked at him, and he said that he would ask me again when he saw me in two weeks.

I'll be blunt...he's concerned.

Medically the baby and I are just fine. I am in physical pain but nothing seems to be wrong, seems to be a muscle or a ligament issue.

My uterus is currently measuring at 42 weeks. Yeah....42 weeks. Did I mention I'm only 31 weeks?

Howard and I explained the contractions, I told them about the frequency of braxton hicks and the dozen or so real ones that had no consistency to them. He, once again, told me to trust my judgment because he trusts me. Call him if I'm concerned and if I'm not, then rest, rest and more rest.
He told me above all to take it easy. No more then 30 minutes at a time on my feet (I shall powerwalk through the grocery store, it shall be hilarious).

I learned something new today. He discussed my c-section with his partner (Dr. B) who assisted in the c-section with the twins. They are hoping that Parker will turn either breech or head down. Why does that matter when I'm having a c-section? Well, if he is head up or down then they are going to give me a traditional bikini cut on my uterus instead of the vertical one like I had with the twins. If Parker is transverse (sideways) we will have to go with the vertical incision again. Which will mean a longer time in surgery and more recovery time.
I didn't realize that a bikini cut on my uterus was even possible now that I had already had a vertical. I am super freakin happy about that!

Even happier when my Dr. H realized that Parker has turned and is now breech! Dr. H truly doesn't think he will turn again because he's running out of room. Big time.

So, next appointment is September 10th with a check (ick) and an ultrasound.

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