Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oh please

Please Jesus, Santa Claus or Hare Krishna...
We have not had our house to ourselves since the beginning of June.
My in laws were in town every weekend
Then my mother in law stayed for over a week
Then my parents moved in the day after she left
They moved out on Friday into their new apartment
And now my brother in law is here

My husband doesn't seem to get it, because it doesn't inconvenience him in any way. I am trying to do homework, make phone calls, watch presentations, write hard ass papers and I'M PREGNANT! And I cannot go into MY bedroom and sit on MY bed without him being in here.

I desperately need a break and I am so totally losing it. Howard mentioned him staying through the weekend and possibly another week. He will not physically be a man by the end of the weekend if we still have a houseguest.


H said...

LOL. I hope the house guest doesnt have access to this blog. ROFL.

kristin said...

The house guest doesn't read it, but even if he did...I'm not ashamed of this lol. I'm too "done" to care lol.