Friday, August 28, 2009

Week 1- Survivied-barely

Last Saturday we took my sullen Brother in law home, went to eat endless pasta at Olive Garden and saw a sight we never thought we'd see again. Rain. It rained while we were driving and my heart stopped. I love rain.
Saturday night and Sunday we finally got our house back to normal. And then it was No house guests, no roommates, just us. I could not stop smiling. Seriously, I looked like the joker.

Monday came around and it was Kenzie's first day of 3rd grade. She was so excited and refused to wear the dress she had picked out (and let me tell you this child LOVES dresses) and wore her school shirt instead.
She looked way too big. I truly love this picture though.
She had an amazing day. She was a bit quiet on the way home, because frankly she was exhausted. But she loved it! Her week has continually gotten better and better and she is really enjoying 3rd grade so far. Of course, they haven't started homework either. Her teacher is awesome, sending me daily email notifications of how the day went and what they accomplished. I am now officially an 'at home' helper. Considering my lack of mobility, I'm so glad that I can help!

Maddie is doing well with the adjustment. Monday was odd for her. I woke her to take Kenzie to school on her first day (and yes, I cried, I do every year) but Maddie didn't cry when her sissy left us. She was ok. She didn't have a nap so her sleep schedule was beyond wonky. Since then it has improved a ton! Hence, I was 10 minutes late for putting her down for her nap and she fell asleep on the couch on her own yesterday. So sleeping is going smoothly so far. YES! She misses her sister, no doubt. She would rather go to school with her, and asks if she can every morning. She's adapting.

I'm not.
Emotionally I'm fine, although I will admit...I miss Kenzie so much when she is not here. Physically, not so great. I have been having this lower abdomen/lower ligament pain that is becoming increasingly more and more uncomfortable. I gasp in pain when I lift my right leg to slide a flip flop on. Literally lifting my right leg at all, even taking a step with that leg creates shooting pain in places no one should have pain as well as my leg, hip, back and lower abdomen. The thing is, it's even worse when I am laying down, trying to turn from one side to the other or just changing positions of my leg. The pain is much more severe.
My back of course is still killing me, but every other day back rubs al la tennis ball seem to be helping a lot. I am having trouble showering while standing and there is no way my whale butt is going to try to get in the tub. So every day when that time comes around, I literally throw a mini tantrum in my head. Mostly. It's pretty darn painful to drive as well. Climbing in and out of the car is a great effort and my belly is getting very close to the stearing wheel. The days of driving for this human oven are coming to a close.

Parker seems to be doing just fine, still moving quite often. I think he may of turned either totally breech (he was transverse-sideways) or head down, who knows. Doesn't really matter since he's not coming out the old fashioned way, but it would help on the pain...I think. I have a doctor's appointment today for a basic check. I have had a lot of braxton hicks and over a dozen real contractions. Which of course, scares the hell out of Howard.

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Loraaf said...

You are so not allowed to call yourself whale butt!!! I love ya though. Sorry that round ligament pain is so nasty. I had it a bit with both girls and I thought I was being stabbed in my...well you know where! I am so glad that Kenzie is having fun at school and that Maddie is adjusting well! Call me when you get a few!