Friday, August 21, 2009

I have officially chilled

After I was able to get some sleep that didn't involve waking myself up with myself sobbing in pain (yes, I've done that often the past few weeks) I finally feel a little bit rational. me, I'm in shock.

My brother in law, who in truth has done nothing really wrong (however annoying) will be leaving sometime Saturday. I managed to keep from actually snapping my twig at him even though everything he did bothered me at no fault of his, lol.

Along with the sleep, my husband finally was able to give me a back rub which helped immensely. After moving my parents in last weekend he was too sore to move, so it was me giving him back rubs. Then we kept going to bed so late and had a ton of school work. There were just too many obstacles in the way from my back rubs. And if you have ever been largely pregnant with sciatic nerve pain you know how important they are. Literally I had a hard time walking to the kitchen and back to sit on my bed...let ALONE sit on the couch.

Last night we went to Kenzie's school and met her new teacher. She has a very sweet teacher this year, like every other year and I know that they are going to love each other to death. Kenzie already felt comfortable around her to hug her goodbye at last nights open house. A lot of Mack's reservations have calmed and now she's a bit excited to go back to school, which makes me feel better too. The change is mostly going to be with the schedule and Maddie. Maddie is going to miss her sister so much! I'm going to miss her too, Kenzie and I have spent 98% of this summer together. I'm curious to see what Monday brings.


H said...

yay hubby rubs! That is always a treat I relish. Oh the first day of school was always a huge deal to me. I would prepare, at least in my mind, for days to a week.

Loraaf said...

Good luck with that sweetie! I know she will do fine.