Thursday, August 13, 2009

The 29 week ultrasound

Almost 3 years ago, I had another 29 week ultrasound. The tech was measuring my twins. Seeing Maddie wiggle around, significantly bigger then Morgan. Everything looked fine on both babies, then she went to find the heartbeats. Found Maddie's thumping away and Morgan's solid little torso with no recognizable heartbeat.
3 years ago at my last 29 week ultrasound I found out that my sweet Morgan had passed away. And immediately worried for Maddie's safety.

Today is my 29 week ultrasound for Parker and he has been kicking me all day. Thank you little man for the reassurance. I will feel so much better when I get to the doctors and hear his heartbeat and see him dancing on the screen for us. To see him safe...and thriving.


Loraaf said...

I'm so glad that your ultrasound went well! So very very happy!

H said...

Today was surely a blessing.