Monday, May 24, 2010


Parker is 8 months old today.

A far cry from my previous post where it showed him as a swollen, red newborn, don't you think?

He is a little over 23 pounds.
Very vocal. Says Mama, Dada, Baba, Bubba (his nick name), Grandma (GuhGuh), Nana. But he also growls, screams, squeals, growls some more, grunts very loudly, fake coughs, cracks up and so much more.
He can blow raspberries and loves to spit out his tongue and rumble his lips.

He loves his highchair, Hedwig, his musical inchworm, his jumper and his sisters. He also loves his daddy's silver chain necklace with a cross on it and my face. Yes, you read that right, my face. He grabs my ears or hair and pulls my face towards him so he can chew, suck, bite or lick my face. He loves me.

He is rolling everywhere and trying desperately to crawl but not quite getting there. He can sit up with very little support.

He wants table food something awful but I won't let him have any because he doesn't have teeth yet. Yeah I know, I'm no fun. He LOVES Gerber Banana Orange and sweet potato baby food. Now, you'll notice in the pics he's a bit orange. He was sick, I didn't force the green vegetables. He is NOT a fan.

My little man is growing up SO FAST!

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