Thursday, September 30, 2010


We are all healing and doing well.

Howard went back to work Monday. He is experiencing some headaches and neck aches from whiplash. His shoulders are killing him from the stress of holding on to the steering wheel. His bruises are almost faded. His abrasions are almost completely healed. His toe is still sore, but healing.

Mackenzie went back to school on Monday but only made it until 11:30. She was just in too much pain. She did go every other day this week and is doing great. Her bruises are fading fast. Her abrasions are completely healed. She feels so good, she doesn't even want to wear her brace anymore!

Maddie's still traumatized but she doesn't cry as much, that's for sure. Her bruises are almost completely gone.

Parker is acting more normal by the day. Although, he is cutting 2+ teeth at the moment, so still pretty clingy and cranky. I know he'll be back to normal once we get back to our regular routine. His bruises are completely gone.

My bruising is fading, and I'm not nearly as sore! The huge abrasion on my chest is almost healed, but still very red and prominent. My knee still swells when I am on it a lot and my rib kills when I laugh hard, hold Parker while standing or bend over. I am doing a little too much around here, but it feels so nice to be semi normal. Pain medicine is a rarity for me these days, so that's nice.

The accident report has FINALLY been turned in, but it's still not complete, we've been assured it will be by Monday. We did finally get the kid's (he was 17) information so we could call his insurance company.
We're currently waiting on grant money from school. It's been a long, hellacious wait.

Tomorrow is Howard and mine's 11 year dating anniversary. Do you think he'll remember?

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