Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I am frustrated by someone elses actions. That's the worst, isn't it? Because I can't control it (oh wow, freak much?) and don't really know what to do about it.
I know someone that I am about 98% certain is faking a pregnancy and it is pissing me off HIGHLY. It doesn't surprise me because this person seems to love attention but I just don't like lies. Especially lies THAT big. I mean, faking a pregnancy, COME ON?! Arg, I could bring it to peoples attentions but I really don't like causing drama, I hate drama, I just don't want to stew on this anymore, lol.

My other frustration lately is my financing for school. Due to an administrative error my student loans and grants are hung up in limbo. I have to wait for the chain of fools *ah hem* to get their ducks in a row. It's majorly late already, who knows how long they will take get it worked out.

Ok, onto other things.
This weekend was a great weekend for Kenzie girl. She got her issues together and was awesome! Because of that she got to spend the night at my moms (her favorite thing IN THE WORLD) and she got half of her toys back! I am so proud of her and really hope that it continues!
7 1/2 more days of school (and the poor kid still has homework, lol)


H said...

I understand the frustration with school. I check on it daily and I want to scream. I really wish people cared about other people. If it was their financing I guarantee they would be pissed off.
And OMG about the fake pregnancy. That would really tick me off. I wonder how she will say it ended.

kristin said...

I know you do. As Howard and I have often said you are the only intelligent person IN THAT PLACE! And yes, they would be!
Yeah well, avoiding seems to be her MO right now.