Thursday, May 21, 2009

NEW and improving

These past few weeks have been completely nuts. I have to break it down into categories to describe it...that's even scarier.
Peanut- 17 weeks today (measuring at over 20 weeks--BIG BABY) Had an OB appointment yesterday. Still no weight gain. Baby's heart beat was 126 (the lowest ANY of my kids have ever had- so I was a bit concerned. Doc said it's perfectly normal and healthy oh and he was asleep). I have been feeling him move now for a few weeks, getting stronger by the day. I had a bit more bleeding about a week and a half ago, so random. My family is on me constantly because of the stress I'm under (I'll get to that later) and not taking it easy enough, but I'm trying! Gender Ultrasound is 6/19. My doc is a little concerned with some minor swelling (had toxemia with Kenzie). Also, he wants to check me for gestational diabetes early to make sure we take proper precautions early on, so that'll be done on the 19th as well. NONE of my clothes fit, still don't have maternity clothes but I'm making it, barely lol. Abnormal cravings for OJ, usually I can't drink it (upsets my stomach) but I can't get enough of it right now.
Kenzie- She's been promoted to the 3rd grade. 2 weeks left of school. She is letting her hair grow out, which makes her look so scruffy. I keep telling her we have to get it trimmed and thinned out to keep it growing. I intend on doing that soon. I really think I need to get her tested for ADD. The older she gets, the more signs I see. Has had some major grounding issues and had a lot of privlages taken away, which I want to cave and give it all back. However, the punishment is working for the problems we're having so we're going to keep at it. Every 5 days if we go through without incident then she gets a privlage back. Work in progress, lol.
Maddie- Atttiude. wow. She is just everywhere. Her meltdowns are epic, we have been using time out more and more lately. BUT IT WORKS! She got sick last week and ended up with a double ear infection and a viral infection. All seems well now. She weighed 31 pounds at the doctor. She is so damn skinny but tall-too tall! We have been working on shapes, colors (she sometimes gets them messed up) and counting. She knows 7 shapes, all colors and can count to 14. We're headed for the ABC's and the potty next. Wish me luck on that.
Howard- been working his butt off. Job still sucks, but at least he has one. He has applied for a bunch of different opportunities that are really great and would fit him well (and would be a nice fitting for our bank account). He is still optimistic about hearing from them, but in this day and age, it's so hard to get a job because everyone, their brother and second cousin twice removed is looking too. He's getting sick right now, because of me. Hopefully it'll blow over soon.

Speaking of being sick, this weekend I started with allergies then ended up with an upper respiratory infection. Still nursing that, ick. Can't take much (nor do I like to for that matter) so treatment has gone s-l-o-w.

I seriously just blanked out for five minutes. Anyhoo- School has been my main stresser lately. My last two classes kicked my butt. They were hard, I was worried about the baby and my health during the hardest times of the class and it really showed in my grade. I definitely lost my 4.0 these two classes, but I'm still passing so I'm grateful for that. I have been accused of...well basically cheating by one of those professors even though the class is over. He says that another student used the same reference material as I did on a project (which I have never spoken to any of my classmates outside the classroom) so I am facing a hearing from the academic ethics committee. Yeah, looking forward to that. So that just adds to the stress pile. I love my two new classes, although one teacher and I have already had a little rift, I still love the classes. Well...strike that. Love one class, love the other classes instructor. I hate communictions classes, thank God this is my last one! So I am hoping that this ethics committee thing goes down in my favor and they don't decide to kick me out of school or something. I was also asked by a member of the committee if I wanted to be counted as a disabled student because of my high risk pregnancy. I don't know what that all entails so I haven't said yes or no. Once I speak to Renee, I will decide on that. If the committee thinks it's necessary then I'll do it for sure and I don't think they would of recommended it otherwise. Also, it may just be the responsible thing to do.

Woah, did anyone just feel that? I think the growl from my stomach just caused a minor earth quake.

Alright, now that I have typed my nails off let me close with this, as you can see I am attemping to beautify my blog. I am very excited about this, and have been wanting to FOREVER. So, stay tuned.

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Loraaf said...

It's about time! Just kidding! So are you going to do mine when you are done with yours? You know I am computer challenged!!!!! LOL! I am sorry that you are still waiting for that stupid school issue to be settled but I am confident that it will go your way! I CAN NOT WAIT for June 19th!!! Come on baby boy! LOL! Tell Kenzie that her crazy aunt in SC Loves her but needs her to be good for her Mama right now! And that perfect little girl has a temper that matches her SC sister!!!! They will rule the world together some day!!! I love you and miss you!!!