Monday, March 9, 2009

And so it begins

A very busy week and a new...development.

Kenzie's sleepover went great. She came home, exhausted and an absolute mess with a paper bag full of candy, a weird blow up animal and a kite. She called about 3 times while she was there, but did very well.

I am pretty certain that no one from my actual family reads this so I am going to go ahead and blurt this out...
These past few weeks have been very hectic, as you can tell. This past week I have been having a lot of stomach issues. Constantly feeling like I may throw up at any second, lots of heartburn, ect. Not pretty. So, with this going on my husband asks me when AF came for a visit last. Um. January 15th I believe. It is not abnormal for me to be super late or not have a period at all. Hence why we struggled with infertility for three years then got pregnant with twins when we decided to stop trying. I have a loopy cycle and always have. Howard was convinced without a doubt that I was pregnant. I thought he was nuts, truly. He told my mother about his suspicions and on Saturday when I went to my parents house, she handed me a pregnancy test. I rolled my eyes and reminded them about my cycle and the stress I've been under, and they just stood there lookin' all smug.
Sunday morning I slept in...big time! I slept through my alarm and missed church and totally was still passed out at 11am!!!! That is really not like me, at all! Maddie was still passed out, but she went to bed after midnight, so that didn't shock me. What did shock me is my husband getting up and setting up the pregnancy test for me, then waking me up completely and telling me to test. I was truly annoyed.
No sooner did I take the test and set it on the counter when the first line got dark and fast. Then the test correction line lit up, much lighter then the other line. Woah, wait...2 lines?! I almost ripped the bathroom door of it's hinges and screamed, 'THERE'S 2 LINES!! I'M PREGNANT!' Howard just smiled. I jumped on the bed holding the test pratically shoving it in his face thinking I am absoutely nuts. Nope, not nuts. Pregnant. After calling my Mom, my 2 BFF's my husband made me recall every symptom I've had and for how long.
-My body shape has changed, like huge! I've thinned out around the ribs and waist and am fuller on my hips (God help me)
-REALLY sensitive skin
-Creepy grow a lot nails
-Weird hair condition
-Like major sleep issues (I want to nap every second and I am sleeping so much harder then usual)

Holy crap a batman, I'm pregnant.

So, all day Sunday my husband ran around with a grin on his face like an evil little boy and did happy dances singing, 'Go me, Go me'. Seems someone was trying without me. He's ecstatic. My parents, of course were nothing but excited and supportive. Kenzie is so beyond happy! She hugged me and cried. Maddie just looked at me and said, 'No'. Typical. Howard's parents did the typical. Said it better be a boy and didn't share any excitement. Not surprised at their reaction at all though.

So today at 10am I'm going in as a walk in to a doc and getting it confirmed. According to the due date calculators and things like that on the net, I am due right before Halloween and I am almost 7 weeks pregnant. For the chinease gender predicition charts, I was right in the middle of a boy and a girl month so I have no idea (and I do believe in these because so far it has been completely accurate for my pregnancies).

Oh and if you are wondering about why I said the thing about my family ^ there. Well, none of them know. Just my parents and Howard's parents.

So yeah, I'm pregnant. My week just got more hectic, ha!


H said...

Congratulations, Howard just told me! I am so excited for you guys.

Kimm said...

I can't tell you how freaking excited I am for you!!!!