Thursday, March 5, 2009

Beware-I'll puke on you!

Have you ever had to sit in a boardroom and explain in intimate details every relationship you have with your family, siblings and husband?
Have you ever had to sit and describe and explain every brush with the law that anyone in your life currently has had?
Have you ever had to defend your horrible credit?


I've never been so uncomfortable in my life. She was a very nice girl, but the things she asked me literally made my stomach lurch as I talked about them.
If I didn't want this job so bad, I would of walked out.

After all of this, I BETTER GET THIS JOB!


Monique said...

My gosh, the most invasive question I was asked today was "What's for dinner?".
I hope you get it!

kristin said...

hahahahahaha! Mo, you crack me up! Thank you me too!

Where'sWaldo said...

I thought that you would laugh... when I read the word boardroom, I thought bathroom. The next few minutes consisted of me wondering why in the hell they were doing your interview in a bathroom.

kristin said...

That is hilarious Kimm!! You crack me up!

H said...

Ok so mental note, never apply at a police department. I do hope you get this job.