Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Pregnancy has been confirmed. They suspect that I am 8 weeks already and my due date is October 20th. I think that's a little off, but once we have an ultrasound we'll be more sure. I am scheduled to go back on the 31st of March to have an ultrasound.

I am a little torn right now about my activities occurring on Thursday.
My mom is going to court, and because she cannot drive (her license is suspended). Her neighbor was going to take her originally but now they are not getting along so well, so I think I may need to take her.
The problem with that is I am supposed to be chaperoning at Mackenzie's field trip to the Texas History Museum that day. Slight problem, because I cannot be two places at once. (oh Hermione, can I borrow your time turner?).
I do NOT want to be absent during Kenzie's field trip but my mom HAS to go to court. I guess my first step is to talk to my mom and see if I actually do need to take her. If I do, I am going to have one disappointed 2nd grader on my hands.

**Update- I have to take her to court. I've been on the phone with my husband all day trying to figure out ways to make it up to her this weekend.

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