Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I love you

Name at least 20 inanimate objects that you LOVE- in no particular order

  1. Grape bubbalicious bubble gum. ((seriously it's the best thing on EARTH!))
  2. True Blood fan fic ((I am soooo addicted!))
  3. Strawberry Banana Smoothies
  4. Snow! ((mainly the idea of seeing my children play in it))
  5. My Mix CD's
  6. 'Green sauce' ((Mixture of chilies, avocados, sour cream and cream cheese-perfection!))
  7. The Backyardagains ((SOOOO adorable, I watch them without my kids))
  8. Celebrity Gossip
  9. The idea of moving to the North East Coast
  10. Craft Stores ((I heart Michaels, Hobby Lobby and Garden Ridge))
  11. Sims ((I'm counting the minutes for Sims 3))
  12. Football!
  13. Swimming ((even though I hate the heat))
  14. Chick-Fil-A chicken nuggets
  15. Vampire Novels
  16. Diana Palmer ((Yes, she is not in inanimate object, but her books are))
  17. A whole day scrapbooking *heaven*
  18. Shrimp ((Can you tell I like food?))
  19. MY Canon EOS Digital Rebel ((No, I don't own one, but it's still mine. :( It will be one day!))
  20. Gorjuss Art
Sooo, I am going to tag Miss Kimm, Mo, Renee and Colleen

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Monique said...

Hahaha, oh yes. I will so be doing this. :) Lubs!