Monday, March 23, 2009

knock on fireproof wood

I had some stressful days last week but of course it all worked out and things are fine now. Last week was murder on the school front. The two classes I am taking right now are not easy. I just got bombarded with assignments and thought I might throw my laptop at multiple points. I felt myself getting burned out. I have pulled out of it...slightly. I know without a doubt that my 4.0 will no longer be there by the time these classes are done. Don't get me wrong, I'm doing ok. No 4.0 though lol.
As for the job issue- still no word. I am still irked about it. To be honest, I quit thinking about it. Until someone brings it up, asking if I have heard anything and I immediately answer with a sharp, 'no'. I don't mean to be sharp, just a sensitive subject right now.
Mackenzie's 8th birthday was on Saturday (March 21st). We spent the whole day with her doing things she wanted to do which mostly consisted of a very long trip to Gatti Land. Then we went to my moms for a small surprise party and BBQ for her. She was so excited! She did have a good birthday. She hasn't had her party yet because of spring break. Which I must say, I'm sorry is over. I missed her like crazy today.
Maddie's doing...ok. She's still insane and so incredibly funny. She had a rough night last night and a rough day today but is fast asleep right now and probably will be all night *knock on wood* (what?! can't be too careful!).
We rented two movies this weekend. Baby Mama which was a little slow but very cute and Fireproof. Wow, Fireproof. Acting left something to be desired, but the Loved the message, and felt more whole after just comprehending it. It's a beautiful movie based on Love, Christianity, family and the love that God has for us. See it!

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H said...

Burn out is expected, just truck through it and remember why you are doing it. That is what I have to do and it is not easy. We were at gatti Land on saturday too, but in the evening. That is crazy.